In-Person Classes

Class size: 8 students
Instructor: Helen Rennie
Location: Helen’s Kitchen at 3 Ingleside Rd, Natick, MA
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Well Dressed: How to Make a Salad

On the surface, this class is about salads, but at its heart, it's about texture manipulation and mastering the elusive concept of seasoning to taste. How do you select the best greens, wash them properly, and store them to preserve their crunch? How do you compose a salad that is interesting, but also well balanced? How do you make a restaurant quality salad dressing? How do you stock your pantry to foster salad improvisation? How do you know how much salt and acidity to use? This class will answer all these questions and will give you hands-on seasoning practice. Dishes vary with the season and availability of ingredients, but might include: Little Gem Lettuces with Green Goddess and Crunchy Quinoa, Kale Apple Walnut Salad, and Red Cabbage Slaw with Citrus and Pumpkin Seeds. This class is vegetarian.

One 3h session / $115 per person
Sat, Jun 29, 2024 6pm-9pm Register

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Do you like to eat fish in restaurants, but are scared to cook it at home? Or, are you bored of baking salmon with a squirt of lemon, but not sure how to expand your repertoire? Come to this class and explore the bounty of the sea available to us in New England. You'll learn to find a good fish market in your area, buy the freshest fish, learn all about fish personalities and substitutions, and test fish for doneness. We'll make salmon teriyaki, trout in almonds, cod stew, and swordfish Provençal. Note: the dishes vary based on the season and availability of ingredients. This class is Paleo friendly.

One 3h session / $115 per person
Thu, Jul 18, 2024 6pm-9pm Register
1 spot left. For 2+ spots, please get on the Waiting list

Grilling Fish

What can be more delightful on a warm summer day than our local striper or bluefish right off the grill! Unless, of course, half of the fish got stuck and the other half fell through the grill grate. Cooking over an open flame might be the oldest method known to man, but it does require a lot of finesse to master. What fish types are appropriate for grilling? When should you turn the heat up and when down? How do you avoid sticking? When is the fish done? This class will answer all your fish grilling questions. We will use a gas grill, but the same techniques apply if you are grilling on charcoal. Dishes might include bluefish with cilantro lime butter, whole branzino with lemon and herbs, and swordfish with cucumber yogurt sauce. Note: the dishes vary based on the season and availability of ingredients. This class is Paleo friendly. Rainy day policy.

One 3h session / $115 per person
Sat, Jun 29, 2024 10:30am-1:30pm Waiting List

Knife Skills

Do you get excited about a trip to the farmer's market, but dread chopping all those veggies and herbs? If the onions make you break into tears and you can't remember the last time you sharpened your knife, come to this hands-on class and learn to slice, dice, and mince in a casual and supportive environment. We'll go over which knives are used for which cuts, how to buy a good knife in any price range, as well as sharpening and caring for your knives. You are welcome to bring an 8" chef's knife, but that's optional. We have knives for everyone. We don't recommend buying anything before class since you'll have a chance to try out different knives to help you decide which one works for you. We'll make a lunch out of our chopping practice and serve it in the end of class. This class is vegetarian.

One 3h session / $115 per person
Thu, Jul 18, 2024 10:30am-1:30pm Waiting List


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can kids attend?
Kids with a passion for cooking are allowed if they are at least 12 years old. However, a parent must be present at the beginning of class to sign a waiver.
Will we eat in class?
Yes, we eat what we make in class.
What materials should we bring to class?
Wear comfortable shoes. We'll provide everything else.
What happens if I have to cancel?
Please see our cancellation policy for details.
How do I get a spot? Whenever I check the website, the class I want has a waiting list.
Read our tips on getting spots.
The class I want to take is full. Will you offer it again?
Yes. Most of these classes are offered on monthly basis and are announced 2 months in advance.
Can you send me e-mail when you announce more classes?
Yes. Just send us an e-mail to get on our mailing list.
Do we just watch or do we get to cook too?
All classes are hands-on, so everyone gets to participate.
Are gift certificates available?
No. Sorry, we no longer sell gift certificates.