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Class size: 8 students
Instructor: Helen Rennie
Location: Helen’s Kitchen at 3 Ingleside Rd, Natick, MA
Covid-19 Safety Info: Helen is fully vaccinated and asks that all the students attending are vaccinated as well. Masks aren’t required in class, but anyone who wants to wear one is welcome to do so.
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Soup it up!

Ah, soup -- it cures whatever ails you, warms you up from the inside, and gets even better on the second day. In this class we'll cover the building blocks of soup to free you from being a slave to the recipes and help you improvise your own creations inspired by the season. You'll learn to make your own stocks, build layers of flavor with aromatic vegetables, and season like a pro. To save you time, we'll cover the use of a pressure cooker (like Instant Pot) to reduce the cooking time by a factor of 3! Soups might include a Bouillabaisse (fish soup), Butternut Squash, and Black Bean, but will vary with the season and availability of ingredients.

One 3h session / $95 per person
Sat, Oct 2, 2021 5pm-8pm Register

Cooking Sous-Vide

You've bought your first immersion circulator (a.k.a. the sous-vide thing). Now what? Is it useful for anything other than a steak? Yes! Is it possible to give your sous-vide meats a mouth-watering browning without ruining that perfect doneness? Yes! There are all sorts of restaurant tips and tricks to learn about sous-vide that will take your cooking to a whole new level. In this class, we'll explore cooking all sorts of proteins using this forgiving, flexible, and easy to learn method. Dishes might include chicken breasts with almond sauce, pork chops, shrimp with romesco sauce, and cod with crispy potatoes. This class is Paleo friendly.

One 3h session / $95 per person
Sat, Oct 23, 2021 5pm-8pm Register

Meatless Meals

Plant-based meals are great for your health, your wallet, and our planet. With the right techniques, they can be so delicious, you'll want to lick your plate. In this class you'll learn how to work with protein and fiber rich beans, lentils, and grains. If you have the Instant Pot (not at all a requirement), you'll get many tips on putting it to good use. Dishes might include chickpea stew with leafy greens, lentils with caramelized onions and roasted tomatoes, farro mushroom risotto, and quinoa salad. This class is vegetarian. We can leave out the dairy for anyone who is vegan.

One 3h session / $95 per person
Sat, Sep 25, 2021 5pm-8pm Waiting List
Sat, Oct 30, 2021 10:30am-1:30pm Register
1 spot left. For 2+ spots, please get on the Waiting list

French Pastry 101: Pate a Choux

Do you want to learn to make eclairs, cream puffs, Paris-Brest, and fancy hors d'oeuvres? Then you need to master pâte à choux -- the most versatile, gloriously puffy, make-ahead-friendly dough in the French pastry repertoire. Pâte à choux might require more finesse than banana muffins, but the process is not complicated. After we discuss the science behind this technique and give you a chance for hands-on practice, you'll be able to wow your family and friends with magnificent desserts and savory bites. You'll learn to make pastry cream, ganache, and other fillings; avoid the pitfalls of collapsed or soggy puffs; and use a pastry bag like a pro. We'll make both savory and sweet dishes.

One 3h session / $95 per person
Sat, Sep 25, 2021 10:30am-1:30pm Waiting List

Ravishingly Raw (Poke Bowls, Crudo, Ceviche)

Who doesn't love pristine fish served raw? Most people don't think twice about ordering raw fish in a restaurant, but don't know where to begin when it comes to serving it at home. Where do you buy it? How do you store it? What species are safe to eat raw? How do you slice it? What do you pair it with? How do you deal with the risks of food-borne illness? This class will answer all these questions and give you plenty of hands-on practice slicing fish for crudo, poke bowls, and ceviche dishes. Come hungry for salmon miso poke bowl, spicy tuna tartar, branzino ceviche, and hamachi crudo. Note: the dishes vary based on the season and availability of ingredients. This class is Paleo friendly.

One 3h session / $95 per person
Sat, Oct 2, 2021 10:30am-1:30pm Waiting List

Homemade Pasta

Few kitchen tasks are more satisfying than making your own pasta - the joy of kneading the dough, the art of shaping it to your liking, and the pleasure of that perfect bite. Home-made pasta does not require expensive equipment, hard to find ingredients, or years of practice. After this class you'll be a pro at making the dough, rolling it out, shaping it, and cooking it perfectly al dente. You'll learn how to prepare several sauces and how to match them to your pasta. Dishes might include pici (thick hand-shaped spaghetti) with wild mushrooms, leek ravioli with sage butter, and orecchiette (hand-shaped round pasta) with cauliflower and broccoli. Note: the dishes vary based on the season and availability of ingredients. This class is vegetarian.

One 3h session / $95 per person
Sat, Oct 16, 2021 10:30am-1:30pm Waiting List

Perfect Pizza

This class is Cooking 101 and Baking 101 rolled into one most delicious dish — pizza. It's one of the simplest dishes to make, and one of the simplest to mess up. Does your dough refuse to stretch into a thin circle? Does it get soggy under the sauce and toppings? Are you at a loss as to how to produce a perfectly crisp thin crust? In this class we'll make a 5 minute home-made crust that will teach you many baking fundamentals. We'll also make a few sauces while learning to use heat and seasoning to your advantage. This class is vegetarian.

One 3h session / $95 per person
Sat, Oct 16, 2021 5pm-8pm Waiting List

Sauce and the City

Once you understand the basic principles of contemporary sauces, you'll be a slave to recipes no more! In this class, you'll learn how to make stocks, reductions, vinaigrettes, and vegetable purees. Dishes might include scallops with roasted red pepper sauce and fennel almond salad, roast chicken with porcini sauce, and pork chops with madeira mustard sauce. This class is Paleo friendly.

One 3h session / $95 per person
Sat, Oct 23, 2021 10:30am-1:30pm Waiting List

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Do you like to eat fish in restaurants, but are scared to cook it at home? Or, are you bored of baking salmon with a squirt of lemon, but not sure how to expand your repertoire? Come to this class and explore the bounty of the sea available to us in New England. You'll learn to find a good fish market in your area, buy the freshest fish, learn all about fish personalities and substitutions, and test fish for doneness. We'll make salmon teriyaki, trout in almonds, cod stew, and swordfish Provençal. Note: the dishes vary based on the season and availability of ingredients. This class is Paleo friendly.

One 3h session / $95 per person
Sat, Oct 30, 2021 5pm-8pm Waiting List


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will we eat in class?
Yes, we eat what we make in class.
What materials should we bring to class?
Wear comfortable shoes. We'll provide everything else.
What happens if I have to cancel?
Please see our cancellation policy for details.
How do I get a spot? Whenever I check the website, the class I want has a waiting list.
Read our tips on getting spots.
The class I want to take is full. Will you offer it again?
Yes. Most of these classes are offered on monthly basis and are announced 2 months in advance.
Can you send me e-mail when you announce more classes?
Yes. Just send us an e-mail to get on our mailing list.
Do we just watch or do we get to cook too?
All classes are hands-on, so everyone gets to participate.
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Yes. Fill out the gift certificate request form to purchase one.